Tuesday, March 25, 2008


nonfiction.fr has a review of a book by Laurent Bonelli, La France a peur: une histoire sociale de l'insécurité, which explores the question of how the theme of insecurity came to occupy such a prominent place in French political discourse. The destabilization of once-stable working-class neighborhoods is one factor. Another is a change in the attitude of the Socialist Party, circa 1997, under Lionel Jospin (the Villepinte colloquium is mentioned). Jospin began to denounce social explanations of the causes of delinquency as "sociological excuses," thus joining the discourse of the right on the subject. Various elected officials also distinguished themselves from the pack by emphasizing the security theme. Among them were Julien Dray, Bruno Le Roux, Jean-Marie Bockel, and Jean-François Copé.

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