Thursday, March 27, 2008

Local Color

Had Elaine Sciolino wanted to give the real flavor of quotidian France, she might have written about the developing scandal in the Hauts-de-Seine instead of about her butcher in the 7th Arrondissement. The affair involves any number of important names: Rachida Dati, the minister of justice, André Santini, the civil service secretary, and one Nicolas Sarkozy, president of the Republic but previously president of the conseil général of Hauts-de-Seine. And only in France would alleged corruption in a public works project revolve around the donation of a major art collection. Now, that is local color, Ms. Sciolino. With a little reportorial shoe-leather, you might have come up with something worth writing about.


Anonymous said...

Amen Arthur. Bon voyage, Elaine, to you and your hopelessly reductive portrayal of France.
-- Nick

Marc Pasturel said...

I believe it's Rachida Dati ?

Amen, re: Sciolino's departure.

Unknown said...

Indeed, Dati it is. An amusing slip, no? But I'm going to correct it. Thanks for the pointer.