Monday, March 3, 2008

Merkel and Sarkozy Set Differences Aside

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy met today in Hanover and issued a joint statement on the Mediterranean Union, choosing to keep their differences over the proposal private for the time being. The MU will be a "joint project of the European Union" rather than a French affair. There is also an accord "in sight" on EU CO2 reduction goals. If Germany was miffed by the presumptuousness of Sarkozy's MU proposal, one wonders how the other EU countries feel about the joint Franco-German announcement of a common project about which there has been little visible consultation and no details have been released. Finance minister Christine Lagarde canceled a meeting with her German counterpart Peer Steinbrück at the last minute.

1 comment:

Emigré said...

What has Germany to do with this idea of a Club Med? They have no mediterranenan boundaries. They have not a mediterranenan culture. I don't understand. Does Sarkozy need a German apporval to go on with his ideas?

Anyhow it is funny...