Monday, March 31, 2008

Moscovici Reacts

I see that Pierre Moscovici reacted to Claude Bartolone's remarks much as I did. Bartolone's transparent overture to Cambadélis in the DSK courant and Arnaud Montebourg (ex-NPS ex-Royaliste) to form an alliance/triumvirate to block both Royal and Delanoë from seizing the leadership in November pleases Moscovici in one sense--he doesn't want either of the rival présidentiables to become secretary general either--but displeases him in another: he would like to be leader himself, and, failing that, he would like to be recognized as leader of the Strauss-Kahniens and suspects his competitor Cambadélis of wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. Whence his rather prissy formulation of his position:

My approach is to be clear and direct, by stating plainly that the social democrats will have influence in the party and not by diluting our influence or choosing the party leader by lot.

It might have been more clear and direct to say, "Gotcha, Camba, don't think I was born yesterday."

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