Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nouvel Obs FNACkered

Denis Olivennes, the CEO of the FNAC, will become the new director of Le Nouvel Observateur. Claude Perdriel, his predecesor at NO, said that Olivennes is "at once [sic] a social democrat respectful of the market economy but on the left." It would be easy to comment ironically on this rather maladroit characterization of la gauche caviar, but since I hover somewhere in this neighborhood of the political spectrum myself, I will be gentle. I am also--to the chagrin of many of my friends--an habitué of the FNAC. What the stores lack in charm, they make up in efficiency: the bibliophile with but a short time in Paris or Nice or wherever can fill his trunks and spend his limit in the FNAC's well-stocked aisles. I trust that M. Olivennes will prove equally efficient and modern in his communication of the news.

Le Nouvel Obs has a circulation of 535,000+ weekly, and its Web site receives 10 million hits per month. Olivennes was appointed by Sarkozy to head a commission looking into illegal downloads via the Internet. He also played a role in Sarko's proposal to eliminate advertising from France2.

ADDENDUM: And what does Le Nouvel Obs empire rest upon? With a discretion worthy of Henry James, I shall refer to it only by its French name, le sanibroyeur SFA. When one reports the often melancholy news, I suppose il faut broyer du noir.


Leo said...

Thanks for the heads-up on SFA.
Well, I'll be damned. Now I know why the expression "Presse de Chiottes" was invented.

Sorry Art if I'm breaking your possible blog code of conduct but I could not resist. Please fell free to remove my post if you find it inappropriate.

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm the one who brought it up. A little bathroom humor can be a diversion when the world seems to be going down the tubes, as it were.

Leo said...

Speaking of the world going down the tubes, it happens that the promoter of the UK version of Big Brother is the great-grand-son of the man who built the London sewers, which triggered a journalist's comment that the scion of such a worthy family is now pumping back in the people's homes the s*£@ that his ancester had helped remove....