Thursday, March 13, 2008

Republican Discipline

"Republican discipline"--the withdrawal of the less well-placed candidate of a given "political family" in the second round of an election--seems to be breaking down on the left. In Aubervilliers, the Socialist deputy mayor, who finished 358 votes behind the PCF mayor, is staying in the race, forcing a quadrangular contest. Meanwhile, Razzy Hammadi, parachuté into Orly where he was supposed to represent the the new more diverse face of the PS, claims that he was done in by a PCF that failed to honor its pre-election list-merger agreement.

Local flare-ups or signs of still more trouble on the left? The left that remains closed to l'ouverture is in many ways now frozen out of national politics and confined to the local and regional, so it's not surprising that competition for these prizes has intensified.

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