Friday, March 28, 2008

Sarko's Speech to Parliament

Sarkozy's speech to the British Parliament went over well, and why not? He flattered the Brits no end. Without you, no parliamentary democracy. Without you, no shining European example of a successfully reformed liberal market economy. Without you, no European Union. Wait a minute? What was that last? Did he really say that "the European Union--I mean this because it is my deepest conviction--is our joint effort, yours and ours"? Did he really mean to insult Germany with this wet kiss planted on Euroskeptic Albion's stiff upper lip? Or by "ours" did he mean to say nous autres Européens du Continent who built Europe while you fiddled with your "special relationship" with the Yankee hegemon? Well, no matter. It was Albion who needed to be seduced, and though the shy lad seems to have been smitten more with Mme Sarkozy, her husband nevertheless laid on the soft soap: "The United Kingdom has shown that in the global economy there was a way to achieve strong growth, full employment, and solidarity. That way was the way of reform. ... For us the challenge is to take inspiration from a successful experience--your experience."

Really, the Brits must be awfully susceptible to Gallic charm to fall for this line of patter. And wasn't he only recently cooing the same sweet nothings in the ear of the American Congress, which fell just as hard? Well, no matter: the bloom is off the rose, le flagorneur continues on his merry way, but Lady Liberty has her memories and a promise of a thousand more French troops in Afghanistan to show for her fling.


Unknown said...

Don't forget he said exactly the same thing to the Germans a few weeks ago (You are the model France most admires etc) when he last met Angela Merkel and she persuaded him to Europeanize his plans for the Mediterranean Union. That's three times he has used the same formula in the past few months. He knows that flattery will get you anywhere - and that only bloggers like ourselves read the foreign press....Keep up the good work

MYOS said...

Tim, I was going to post the exact same thing about Germany!
Do governments really fall for this kind of meaningless fawning?

Even his speech to the American Congress sounded false to me (a French expat/friend of mine even said that a fitting conclusion to the speech would have been an energetic rendition of the popular "Tom Sawyer" cartoon's song.... - insert sarcastic grin and start singing :) )
Of course, at that point, it seemed obvious to me Sarkozy was not doing what he had promised to do, but merely stating what whoever listened wanted to hear.
Nowadays, I'm even wondering what he believes in. Did he ever tell the truth? What are his convictions (outside of his belief in himself)?
Anyway, it's a bit like a guy who says the exact same sweet nothings (I like you a lot, you're the prettiest and funniest girl I know) to three different girls *within each one's earshot*.
Personally I call this triply-sweet-talking guy a jerk but feel free to find other terms (flirt? lady's man?).
I hope Great Britain doesn't fall for it - even though they seem totally in love with the charming, fully-dressed Mrs. Sarkozy.

Anonymous said...

While listening to his speech on the news I could not help but imagine Edmund Burke turning over in his grave.

Anonymous said...

While listening to his speech on the news I could not help but imagine Edmund Burke turning over in his grave.

Mary Fernandez said...

He reminds me of Pepe Le Pew running up to every cat he sees, professing his love and whispering, "Come with me to the Casbah....".

Still, he's an adorable little skunk.