Friday, March 14, 2008

Ségo on the Go

Marianne waxes ironic at Ségolène Royal's expense, having a bit of fun with the vapidness of the message of support she has offered to Socialist lists in dozens of cities around the country. But Marianne misses the point. No other personality of the left has managed to represent the national stakes of the municipal elections with equal effectiveness. Sure, there has been plenty of talk of a sanction vote against the government, but no one else has carried that message on his or her shoulders. Certainly not François Hollande. And the other national leaders of the PS have either been too busy tending their own fiefs or too wary of courting ridicule of the sort that Marianne is dishing out. Landerneau is a place that people make fun of, but you can't win elections without going to Landerneau.

The right hasn't had a national standard-bearer either. True, Sarko went to Toulon, and Juppé and Fillon tried to shore up Darcos's sagging fortunes in Périgueux, but no one has been on the road every day. Patrick Devedjian has begun to catch flak for failing to mobilize his troops. Ségo a fait le don de sa personne, and as in the past she continues to be mocked for it: la madone, the journalist calls her. So perhaps it is worth recalling that in days of yore, people who had no use for the ecclesiastical hierarchical nevertheless worshiped the Madonna.

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