Monday, April 7, 2008

Breteau Bretteur

You knew this was coming, right? Eric Breteau, the leader of the Arche de Zoé, claims that he had the backing of the French government for his operation, that he received advice from "advisors of Nicolas Sarkozy and Bernard Kouchner," and that Rachida Dati and Cécilia Sarkozy were set to welcome 103 "rescued children" personally at the Vatry airport. He has written a book in captivity and will be marketing it assiduously with a full media blitz.


MYOS said...

I would love to loathe Eric Breteau, but two elements keep me from thinking he's off his rocker there:
- apparently journalists were first sent to the Villacoublay airport [this I remember from a short, excited note sent out by a journalist, before there was 'une affaire Arche de Zoé' - I noted it because this airport is usually used by officials and it puzzled me.]
- how can they have received cooperation from the French Army without official backing of some sort?

Leo said...

to MY,

the Army claimed they were fooled by the fact that Arche de Zoe was operating in Chad under the Children Rescue name.

MYOS said...

léopold - is that believable?
(I am asking in earnest, not rhetorically or sarcastically).