Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ch'ti Coattails

Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis has now surpassed La grande Vadrouille as the most popular French film on French soil and may soon surpass Titanic as well to become the most popular film period. Sarkozy therefore hopes to ride its coattails. The New York Times, which for reasons best known to itself has decided to play middlebrow cultural scold, will no doubt find in the decision to screen the film at the Élysée confirmation of its condescending opinion of the president's taste. The paper, which reaches outre-tombe to quote Chateaubriand on the matter ("Taste is the good sense of genius"), might look to the sad decline of its own Sunday book review section before giving lessons to poor, beleaguered Sarkozy, whose "Kennedy-like vigor and refreshing informality" it was praising only a few months ago. But perhaps the Camelot fantasy still obtains, since the same article opines that Carla may yet do a Jackie and persuade her man to sit still for some Casals-like savonnette à vilain. But first she will have to join her husband and 60 million Frenchman in smiling with the Ch'tis.

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Sean said...

Any idea where exactly that Chateaubriand quote originates?