Thursday, April 3, 2008

Elvis Has Left the Building

George Bush told NATO leaders that Sarko was "the latest incarnation of Elvis." What the assembled heads of NATO made of this assertion has not been recorded for posterity.

Thanks to Sophie Meunier, whose excellent sources in the intelligence community provided this profound insight into the strategic thought of George W. Bush.


Leo said...

Don't be cruel with W.
He told Nicolas: It's now or never, just decide to send your troops to Afghanistan. To which N. replied "I'm all shook up, can't help falling in love". He then reminisced about his "please don't stop loving me" text message. W. replied "a fool such as I, I'm leaving" and climbed in his Long Black Limousine".

MYOS said...

is that some kind of belated "poisson d'avril"?

MYOS said...

Hm, sorry, I see that it isn't.