Thursday, April 24, 2008

Les Gracques Evaluate Sarko

Sarkozy has proposed quantitative evaluations of the performance of his ministers. Les Gracques have proposed a qualitative evaluation of Sarkozy's first year in office. They find him guilty of three sins: against economic reason (focusing on demand stimulus rather than supply-side reform), social justice (redistributing to the rich through such measures as reform of the estate tax, wealth tax, and fiscal shield), and squandering of the clear electoral mandate for reform (despite some acknowledged successes). They conclude with an examination of France as an exception in relation to other European nations, on four counts: high social expenditure with low social redistribution; excessive reliance on regressive taxation such as the VAT; high expenditure on education with relatively poor results; and an employment security system based on the protection of jobs rather than workers, to the detriment of economic dynamism.

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MYOS said...

Not sure where I should put this, which someone signaled to me. Another evaluation from the left.
7'50, video 3
People not on Peillon's side had also told me about European senators trying to pass as much as they can right now because they're not sure what's going to happen when Sarkozy takes over the European presidency.