Thursday, April 24, 2008

Peillon's Take

Reader myos calls my attention to this interview (video) with Vincent Peillon. It is indeed interesting, not least for Peillon's repeated reference to a phenomenon that has received far too little attention, in my view: the volatility of the French electorate. Peillon draws from this observation a warning to his own party: do not make the mistake of thinking that Sarkozy's current abysmal approval rating indicates that the next election is already won or that the PS has successfully reestablished itself in the eyes of voters.


Marc Pasturel said...

Who is Vincent Peillon?
Presumably a Socialist, but I'm curious to understand why his opinion counts.

Unknown said...

Peillon is one of the brighter Socialist intellectuals and was a founder, along with Julien Dray and Arnaud Montebourg, of the Nouveau Parti Socialiste. He has been a deputy and MEP and headed the Somme federation for a time. He was one of Royal's spokesmen but has also flirted with the party's left, namely, Henri Emmanuelli, on whose staff he served, and Benoît Hamon.