Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tutoiement de haut niveau

Philippe Ridet, who covered Sarkozy for years before he became president, asked the newly elected sixth president of the Republic if he should now call him vous. "Tu rigoles!" answered Sarko.

I have a friend, a sociologist, who told me that she refused the invitation of the head of her labo to address him as tu because to do so would have implied a complicity inappropriate to their hierarchical relationship. The relationship between journalist and politician is of a different order, as Ridet seems to understand well. It is the subject of his new book, a book about seduction, resistance, and Sarkozy's use of the press. The first two pages, published in Le Monde today, suggest that it will be worth reading, not least for the subtle way in which Ridet manages to convey the transformation in Sarko's relationship to the press after his ascension.

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