Monday, May 5, 2008

Night of the Living Dead

You thought the Attali Report was dead? Killed by a fronde of UMP deputies who had heard from their constituencies--hairdressers, cab drivers, notaries--and put an end to this liberalizing nonsense from a commission of eggheads and dreamers? Not so fast. It has risen from the grave. The Report is making a discreet comeback, pushed, interestingly enough, by its erstwhile nemesis, Jean-François Copé, who can be counted on to appear wherever there is an opportunity to advance his undisguised ambitions by another millimeter. No doubt we will have to wait many years to find out what he was offered for his cooperation, but we can be confident that he was not suddenly seized by an overwhelming passion for the national interest. And thus far he has agreed only to set up a "working committee" to look into the controversial provisions of the reform blueprint. À suivre.

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Vertigo said...

JF Cope "opportunity to advance his undisguised ambitions by another millimeter." So true! LOL
I wonder what are his motives.