Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Party Games

The GMO screw-up, which may well have been a carefully orchestrated screw-up, may also prove to have been just the warm-up for the coming fracas over the Law on the Modernization of the Economy (LME). With this the government will at last attack the famous purchasing power question by, among other things, liberalizing competition in the retail sector. But the UMP is divided on this question, as it was on the GMO issue. Many deputies are sensitive to the strenuous opposition of local merchants to modifications of the Royer, Galland, and Raffarin Laws. And once again, Jean-François Copé will be trying to thread a needle. He can't allow chaos in the voting, for that makes him look weak. He can't enforce discipline, because he needs the support of members who aren't on board with the new law. But above all he doesn't want to make things too easy for the government, because Fillon is his rival and he covets a ministry, if not the prime ministry, for himself. His ultimate goal is to prove to Sarkozy that he can be a real thorn in the president's side unless he gets what he wants. And of course to punish Sarko for not having given him what he wanted a year ago.


Anonymous said...

Very quickly, a good piece on a good blog about the procedure implied and what actually happened:

You will note with me the origin of both the exception d'irrecevabilité (doomed from the start) and the question préalable (which actually passed): Jean-Marc Ayrault, Germinal Perou, Chassaigne... Radicals, communists, etc. It seems to me that the PS delegated the dirty work to someone else.
As an aside, the blog Journal d'un avocat is rich and well done. It contains a lot of things especially on the immigration legislation and its legal consequences in France during the last ten years.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Louis. Very interesting.