Friday, May 9, 2008

Ségo's Gotta Go

We already knew that Michel Rocard really dislikes Ségolène Royal, that he proposed himself as a last-minute replacement for her during the campaign, and that he believes she's incompetent. Now he says that she shouldn't become leader of the party because the 17 million votes she claims as her mandate would have gone to any Socialist candidate. That's probably true, but it's also unfair, since there is no doubt that Royal, whatever her deficiencies, did generate real enthusiasm in certain quarters and demonstrated a greater capacity to attract young voters--the future of the party--than any of her rivals.

In any case, she currently leads all contenders among PS sympathizers by 54 to 50 for Delanoë, with Valls garnering 16 percent and Moscovici 14. She has slipped in recent months, however, and both of the younger contenders are coming on strong, which indicates genuine discontent in party ranks.

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