Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Position Paper

Another Socialist position paper has arrived: that of Gérard Collomb, mayor of Lyon, Manuel Valls, mayor of Evry, and Jean-Noël Guérini, president of the conseil général of Bouches-du-Rhône. They are joined by several other personalities representing the "decentralized" leadership of the PS as opposed to the "national" leadership. Hence it is not surprising to find that their statement borrows from the urbanist Jean Haëntjens, who has himself borrowed from Fernand Braudel's contrast between "city-hares" and "the tortoise state": "States have the power, cities have the creativity." It is an attractive thought that the renovation of the left should come, not from the bottom up, but from the middle out. The PS has flourished at the urban and regional levels of government while the national party has floundered. The PS did well in the recent municipal elections. Voters who are hard put to distinguish the parties at the national level discern clear differences in local management. The challenge for this courant of the party is to persuade militants that out of their experience it is possible to divine a new orientation for the party at the national level.


MYOS said...

this position paper seems more interesting than the other one. I'm also hoping to see Segolene Royal's paper. After all, she was their presidential candidate. She ought to do at least as well. :)
This country badly needs une opposition. The current party and its head just aren't doing their job.

Anonymous said...

Just to react on you idea that voters at the local level distinguish better between the partie. If only they could know. My experience with the socialist cabinet of the Mairie de Paris showed me that concretely, there is no difference between the right and the left. Not only at the national level and in the ideology has the PS abdicated its specificity : even at the city level the elected officers have stopped trying to bring answers to social disintegration. There is nothing good to expect from the PS.