Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rocard Backs Delanoë

It's an odd statement from Michel Rocard: he will back Bertrand Delanoë for party leader but thinks it's a mistake for the party to choose a leader who is also a potential presidential candidate in 2012. This, he says, was a choice "imposed by the media," which insist on having a "star" for the JT de 20h. Rocard demonstrates the lack of political savvy and flair that has always distinguished his political practice. Does he believe that the choice of Delanoë will make the party's other "stars" less attractive to the media? The media love nothing more than a contest between heavyweights: witness Obama v. Clinton. Royal v. Delanoë will make for no less compelling television. The divisions in the PS will not go away simply because Michel Rocard has made his choice. And if he makes this choice à contrecoeur, why doesn't he go with Moscovici, who shares his view that the early focus on a single présidentiable is a mistake? No, it's just foolish to blame the media for this abdication of responsibility, which is entirely Rocard's.