Thursday, July 3, 2008

Miliband Backs Sarkozy

Judah Grunstein calls attention to UK foreign minister David Miliband's announcement of support for Sarko's common EU defense policy. Does it have anything to do with the award of the contract to dismantle the asbestos-laden carrier Clemenceau to a British firm? Grunstein merely notes the coincidence.

In any case, "Mr Miliband said it would avoid the danger of Europe waiting 'impotently' until America and Nato were ready to intervene in trouble-spots." Another convenient coincidence. Indeed, with Gordon Brown sinking rapidly--"he is toast," a recent visitor to England with close Labour Party ties reported to me--Miliband is a top contender for the leadership, but owing to his past association with the Blairites he needs to shed the "Bush's poodle" identification. What better way than to hype EU defense as a means to independence from America, even if it means throwing in one's lot with the man whom some regard (wrongly in my view) as the new hyperpower lapdog? Miliband and Sarkozy can serve each other's interests--and mutual interests are of course the best bond in any alliance. Here we have the basis of a new Entente Cordiale.

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MYOS said...

How would that play with Merkel - who is said to disklike Sarkozy?