Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top of the Pops

I don't really want to lend myself to the Bruni publicity machine, but, well, it's just so bizarre to have a pop album promoted by the Élysée, and why not? when its occupant is described thus in lyrical paean:

faut qu'tu saisisses, faut qu'tu comprennes
tu es mon seigneur, t'es mon chéri,
t'es mon orgie,
tu es mon carême
tu es ma folie mon amalgame
tu es mon pain béni,
mon prince qui charme
je suis ta tienne,
je suis ta tienne,
je suis ta tienne,

No comment.

But here's a wicked thought: maybe the song on the album that best describes the presidential couple is not Ma Came or Ta Tienne but Il Vecchio e il Bambino.


Alex Price said...

As difficult as it might be to accept that an ex-top-model could have real musical talent, that appears to be the case with Carla Bruni. Her first album, “Quelqu’un m’a dit” was excellent and fully deserved its success. I just listened to “Tu es ma came” and it seems to me a pretty good song that continues in the same vein. Its knowing variation on the lover-as-drug commonplace adds to its sexiness and creates a mildly
transgressive effect. But now that its auteur-compositrice is First Lady of France it is impossible to listen to this song in the same way. It’s no longer an innocent pleasure. It has become, unfortunately, inescapably part of the tedious realm of politics. How can something be naughty when it’s proposed by the wife of the head of state? I don’t think I’ll be buying this record or will enjoy it very much if I listen to it. There are tradeoffs. You simply can’t be a bohemian artist and First Lady at the same time. Despite what Foucault might say, an author’s identity, once known, matters.

Anonymous said...

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