Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Totally Stupid"

Patrick de Carolis, the head of France Télévisions, evidently believes he's on his way out. When asked what he thought of Sarkozy's remark that there is no difference between the private and public networks as presently constituted, he said, "I find that false, I find it totally stupid, and I find it profoundly unjust." The pres was irritated the other day when he visited France3 and a technician refused to say bonjour. One suspects he'll be even more displeased with the answer of M. de Carolis.

As for the facts ...


MYOS said...

Birenbaum entitled his post "hara kiri" - guess he agrees with you.

I've read that de Carolis saw no way out anyway - the financing scheme seems flippant, announcers have already said it's going to be a disaster that may shrink the market as there won"t be as many minutes of commercials available, not to mention how destabilized the market's been, plus they book their campaigns about 4 months ahead hence decisions in October-November simply don't work...
Le Point decided to test Nicolas Sarkozy's assertion that public TV isn't different from commercial TV - a statement which strongly indicates the president doesn't have time to watch TV. They came up with this: prime time and daily poltitical debates/programs, documentaries, long investigative reports, live performance broadcasts (including classical music, opera, and theater), cultural and literary discussion programs, and French fiction, are all exclusively or in majoriy on "France Télé".
While some programs are indeed undistinguishable (Delarue's talk show or game shows) Le point concludes that *indeed*, President Sarkozy's statement was "false, stupid, and unfair".

Unknown said...

Thanks ... I link to the Le Point article in my post.

MYOS said...

By the way, thanks for choosing the phrase "as for the facts" to link to that Point article :)))
(I hope you don't mind that I summed it up above)
I'm trying to imagine how Americans would read if GWBush announed he wanted to choose ABC's next boss.
I know ABC's not public but France Télé is as big as ABC in terms of audience, isn't it?

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