Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wauquiez in Denver

Laurent Wauquiez, former government spokesman and current secretary of state for employment, is in Denver for the Democratic Convention. He is impressed by the intersection of politics and "civil society" and the organization of the mammoth event. When asked why the Democratic rather than the Republican Convention, he said, "Personally, I feel closer to the figure of Obama than to that of McCain." Not to Obama, mind you, but to the figure of Obama. A portent? Has an ambitious young French politician discerned something in Obama's narrative and method that might be usable at home? It would be interesting to know what.


Anonymous said...

I'm of a mind to think that Wauquiez is sent to the Democratic Convention as an emissary for Sarkozy - that "ambitious young French politician" being the President of France himself.

Chris P.

Anonymous said...

I am quite surprized that UMP is very interested by Obama. To my mind, this one is a symbol of hope and energy and the French Conservative politicians want to compare the senator of Illinois to Nicolas Sarkozy.

According to them, he is brillant, smart and very attractive. As Sarkozy.

Nonetheless, whereas Obama is aware of the fragility of the current American system (for instance, as far as the Welfare is concerned)designed by the Republicans, Sarkozy wants to adapt the reaganian and tchatcherian methods to the French society !

So, the interest of the UMP for Barack Obama is purely strategic ! Nicolas Sarkozy thinks the young black senator will be the next president of the US and he wants to get the first place !

Gilles (

Unknown said...

Apparently the interest goes both ways. Obama confirmed that he called Sarkozy two days ago to discuss foreign policy.

Unknown said...

In case you're wondering:

Fr. said...

I'm unsure to what extent the "Wauquiez in Denver" episode is interesting. Wauquiez has many qualities which I admire, and I have read his book about his time in the National Assembly with great interest. But he is the pure parangon of French elite: young white male from Normale Sup with an agrégation. These people do not face increased likelihoods to go to jail, to fall under the poverty line or to lack proper health care in their neighbourhoods. The symbolics are very different.