Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogger Adds "Following" Feature

Blogger has added a new feature. You can indicate blogs you follow by going to Dashboard (link in upper right corner of your screen) and clicking the add button under "following." You can become an anonymous follower or a named follower, and your selections can be integrated with Google Reader. One of the frustrations of blogging is not knowing who is reading. The new Facebook group has introduced me to 38 of you, but there are over 400 Feedburner subscribers and many more regular readers. If you sign up for following, I'll have a better sense of who you are, and it's the idea of actual flesh-and-blood readers that keeps me going. So I hope you'll sign up.

P.S. Mathieu points out that if you don't have a Google mail or Blogger account, you won't have a dashboard link. He nevertheless became a follower by going to the bottom of the lower right-hand column of the blog and clicking the link there. Sorry that this is such a complicated business, and thanks to those who've taken the trouble to satisfy my curiosity about who's reading.

P.P.S. At the suggestion of Vertigo, I have moved the Followers gadget up near the top of the right column.


Alex Price said...

I must say Blogger doesn't exactly make it easy to add a blog to follow: you have to paste in a URL. How primitive is that? I had to open another window to get the URL, then go back to the follow window to paste it in, etc. Perhaps I missed an easier way to do it, but if so, why wasn't it more obvious? Why didn't they just add a follow button next to the Flag Blog button, for example?

Unknown said...

Maybe that's why I have only 7 followers. I was beginning to think it was lack of charisma.

Mathieu said...

I finally succeed to be a follower : I had not any account on blogger or Google, so I had not any dashboard link.
I finally found, at the end of the page, the list of your followers and a link to become one. Now I have a google account.

It would be easier for others readers to become followers if you indicated them this possibility.

Jon Roemer said...

I'm happy to add my name here and on Facebook, if it adds some encouragement. I'm a daily reader, but a perpetual lurker (and not much of a Facebook fan either). Your writing and links, Art, are enormously appreciated. I follow the basics (Le Monde, Liberation, Rue89, and a few others), but this blog points me in different directions, and I get as much from your opinions and reflections as your links to news that I've missed. TNR first pointed me here, and I enjoyed their hit-or-miss academic blog, while it lasted. I'm not so reliable as a discussion contributor, but if it helps you keep going, I'll start scribbling in... I know this is thankless work, but I'll add my thanks anyway. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your thanks, Jon. They do keep the spirits up.

Vertigo said...

By the way, even though I am a blog user, I still had to scroll all the way down to find the 'add as follower" link. If you want, you can bring that gadget closer to the top (ei. after the description maybe) so people can see it once they enter this page. I didn't do it through the 'dashboard'.

Anonymous said...

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