Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bristol's Got Company

Bristol Palin isn't the only unwed expectant mother in the news. Justice minister Rachida Dati has confirmed the rumor that she is pregnant. She won't reveal the name of the father, however: "I have a very complicated private life, and that's where I draw the line with the press. I won't have anything to say on that subject."

Oh, and Dati says she won't be leaving the government, countering the other rumor that Sarkozy would seize on the pregnancy to get rid of her.

One thing I think you can count on: Dati's child won't be named "Trig."

Curious about possible dads? A Brit correspondent unbuttons his stiff upper lip to give the French a tongue-lashing on their hypocritical notion of privacy.


Boz said...

It is a joke. Journalists should exercise their own discretion, which most mainstream outfits do for the most part, but having to hide open secrets because of privacy laws the government set-up to protect themselves is not exactly an ideal situation for press freedom.

I find it interesting though that Bremner states in one of the comments that "I am being careful. We are bound by the French privacy law, the same as everyone else," as at least in the case of Israel, foreign journalists have always managed a way to get around the military censors while the locals are prevented from doing their own reporting.

Vertigo said...

The most wise thing for Dati is for her, in her own terms and language, reveal who the father is because sooner or later, it will be known. In Morocco they are saying Aznar is the father... he is thinking of suing the newspaper. See, this speculation can become nasty.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

As a public figure (and mayor of my arrondissement) Rachida Dati must have known from the get-go that sooner or later she'd have to announce her pregnancy and, eventually, name the father. You can't be "a little bit pregnant" and hope it will go away unnoticed.

Is it possible that allowing all the rumors to circulate for a week ("is she pregnant or did she eat too much on vacation")was merely fanning the flames in an attention-grabbing effort?

Think of the difference it would have made (in both the Dati and Bristol Palin stories) if the spokespeople had simply issued an up-front, low-key press announcement.

Ah, but that would be too boring. The public would have been sooo deprived of all that juicy speculation, all that media focus.