Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mosco Signs on with Delanoë

Pierre Moscovici has thrown in the towel. He is joining the Delanoë camp, though distinctly without enthusiasm: "That's not where renovation lies." But of course he couldn't go with Aubry, where those whom he considers traitors to his own cause (esp. J.-C. Cambadélis) went, and he wouldn't join Royal, in part because he doesn't want her to win and in part because he also feels betrayed by Collomb et al. of Ligne Claire. So Delanoë and Hollande are faute de mieux.

And now it's a question of counting up the votes. But the result will be anticlimactic. The pre-congress maneuvers have only highlighted the insurmountable fissures in the party. In a year or two, however, it will all be forgotten, and this period will look like ancient history, because the impending economic crisis will, I am fairly certain, change the contours of political debate not only in the United States but across Europe.

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