Thursday, September 18, 2008

Philo-Semitic France

Enfin, presque. But what's up with Spain?


Anonymous said...

Why did'nt the poll ask as well about Christians?

Cimon said...

Just a remark, as far as Spain is concerned : Jews were expelled from the kingdom in 1492, and there are not many living in the country (I think I read the jewish community had something like 500 members in Spain).

So the concept of a jew is rather theoretical to a spaniard : in the 70's, you could see catholic priests call for jews punishment (and murder) in their easter celebration sermon. Although it sounds a (big) bit inacceptable under current standards, it was mainly rhetorical.

Anonymous said...

Philosemitic also, and not almost : 79% have a favorable view of Jews in france (US 77%).

I'm not sure why it is indipensable that France be antisemitic for the US media/opinion, but the constant smearing is rather annoying.