Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sarko Mistakes UN for Vatican

President Sarkozy, speaking to the UN, delivered a homily that would have been more appropriate if pronounced at Saint John Lateran, of which he is honorary canon. He said that it was time to "make financial capitalism moral." He wants it to be régulier et régulé, predictable and regulated, instead of fou. Gone from his discourse are the homages to initiative, innovation, the spirit of risk and adventure, and the need to offer incentives to effort in the form of untrammeled, untaxed, and unredistributed rewards. After AIG, Lehman, and Bear, the crisis has claimed another casualty: Sarkozy the American is sounding more French every day. And who can blame him? The chase after the greenback has lost its allure, and the desire to se mettre au vert in a country where people work less, save more, and savor their 350 cheeses in a vinous fog of ungovernability seems more attractive by the minute.

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Anonymous said...

That last sentence should be a t-shirt!