Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Confession

A while ago, I published a short note about justice minister Rachida Dati's pregnancy. Shortly thereafter, I noticed in my blog logs a substantial number of hits from Google searches looking for "Rachida Dati + pregnancy + Arthur." I was flattered that so many people were turning to me by name as a source of information on the latest, er, developments in France, but it turned out they weren't searching for me at all. They were searching for a TV personality named "Arthur," rumored to be the father of Dati's child. I had not previously known of my homonym's existence, but for a while his notoriety increased the popularity of my blog. Now, it seems, he has denied being the father of the still unborn Dati, as have José Maria Aznar, Eric Besson, and Bernard Laporte.

How does that saying go? "Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan." For the record, O! intrepid Google searchers, I'm not the father either.


Vertigo said...

lol - very good post!

I also posted about Dati's pregnancy and the hits for my blog have increased dramatically... I guess this is the enigma of the year.

Unknown said...

I don't have much sympathy for Ms Dati and her politics, but all these men denying being the father of her child is certainly very cruel. Maybe one day a reporter will ask her opinion on all these brave men.

I don't remember in litterature or mythology (so rich in cruel stories) of such a strange situation.

Anonymous said...

Arthur's "les Enfants de la télé", a TV show that appears every so often on...uh, TF1 (?), is quite interesting for a foreigner. It's a chance to see many of the cultural/ TV references from the late 70s to mid-'90s with which many French grow up knowing and eventually, feel nostalgic. The show is very "impertinent" & brain-dead but its also a good remedy for nights when the best thing to do is vegetate and play the couch potato in front of the boob tube.

Chris P.