Saturday, October 18, 2008

DSK in Trouble

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, now head of the IMF, is under investigation for improper conduct in connection with a sexual relationship with a subordinate. FP readers will recall that DSK was rumored to be the mysterious politician "G" to whom Yasmina Reza referred in her book about Sarkozy. At the time of DSK's appointment to the IMF, rumors abounded in France that he would soon run afoul of stricter codes governing workplace behavior in the United States. Apparently the rumor-mongers were right. Recall, too, that the Financial Times opposed DSK's nomination on the grounds that he lacked the "temperament" for the job.

Jean Quatremer, one of the original rumor-mongers, returns to the charge here.


MYOS said...

I remember that Quatremer had justified himself for breaking the "private life" taboo by saying it was a friendly warning to someone he likes and also what would journalists say when/if it happened, that they knew but said nothing?
No matter what, this really isn"t the right time for a destabilized IMF.

Anonymous said...

It is exactly the right time to take the IMF down.

DSK's nomination was fought against tooth and nail by the likes of Brown in the UK through his mouthpiece the FT in order to ensure that what he, Brown that is, would not be held accountable for his own failings. Northern Rock's problems were known about a long time before it became public knowledge and Brown would certainly have been in the loop. The continuing debacle in London and New York owes itself totally to deregulation.

DSK, a reforming Frenchman, in charge of IMF-led regulatory changes? Forget about it. There will be no new Bretton-Woods or anything like it.

Anonymous said...

Who did not see that coming? The cynical can think of two things here. First of all, a clever move by Sarkozy to get rid of a dangerous political opponent on the domestic front (and what is more important than domestic politics for a French politician?). Second, the utter disdain in which international organizations are held by the French. For one Pascal Lamy, how much Jacques Attali and DSK sent in political isolation/retirment to some international organization?
That DSK could not keep his fly closed in such circunstances is also a testimony to his lack of political judgment. One could hope that he would have pursued greater ambitions, but he does not seem to care enough.

Anonymous said...

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