Friday, October 17, 2008

Inside the NPA

Brent Whelan, who contributed the post on the Besancenot rally earlier this week, has launched his own blog, and in his latest post he takes us inside a meeting of the local NPA committee in the 14th arrdt.


Anonymous said...

I wonder for how long the NPA will tolerate this reporting from the inside.

The tradition in trotskyst - inspired organizations is complete secrecy about debates and membership.

Unknown said...

Yes, I wondered about that myself and made the same point to Brent. But I'll let him speak for himself.

brent said...

I wondered too, so I asked two colleagues from NPA 14 on Saturday, both of whom suggested that blog posts were my business and no one else's. I also sent the link to the convener of NPA 12, who hasn't responded. The two guys I spoke with at some length talked about internal democracy and freedom of expression--this is not your father's leninist cell. At their suggestion I will distribute the link to the whole 14 group--maybe I'll meet some resistance, though they seemed to think it out of the question.