Monday, October 27, 2008

Le Tout à l'Ego

Pierre Moscovici may have lost his bid to become the leader of the Socialist Party, but credit him and his two collaborators with a zinger to rank with Hollande's coup d'éclat permanent: see the title of today's Le Monde op-ed: "Nicolas Sarkozy en Europe: le tout à l'ego."*

Don't even think of branding Mosco a "sewer loser" or of descending to the level of "gutter politics." On the contrary, he seems "flush" with confidence.

(*Non French-speakers may wish to consult their dictionaries under tout à l'égout.)


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In other news your blog provides a remarkable outside perspective on French politics, which we in France really need... having stumbled onto it more or less by chance, I'll keep checking it out.

Anonymous said...

Mosco's hopes for a Socialist nomination have gone "down the drain..." No surprise he feels utterly "p... off ".