Friday, October 24, 2008

State Capitalism, Left-Wing Version

An interesting portrait of Benoît Hamon with, for good measure, an assessment of the internal shifts in the Socialist Party in the wake of the crisis. This article also appears on Marianne2, where the characterization of Hamon as a "Sarkozy of the left" is hardly calculated to do him any good. But the description of Hamon's new state capitalist ambitions, including a sovereign wealth fund à la Sarko and the constitution of something like a "French Gazprom," shows him stealing a march not only on Sarkozy but also, the author (Malakine) somewhat perfidiously adds, Vladimir Putin.


Anonymous said...

Is Benoît Hamon related to gaulliste de gauche Léo Hamon?

Unknown said...

Dunno. Anybody?

Leo said...

No. Father was shipyard worker at Brest Arsenal.