Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wait No More

In recent weeks rumors have been floated that Sarkozy might invite Dominique de Villepin to join a new government, perhaps as minister of finance, in an effort to cope with the unfolding crisis. A few days ago, Claude Guéant denied these rumors with a seemingly definitive and authoritative voice: "Out of the question!" Today the parquet of Paris announced that it has decided to press charges against Villepin for his involvement in the Clearstream affair and is referring his case to the judges.

Guéant of course knew this was coming. So, no doubt, did the people who started the rumors about tapping Villepin as a savior/fall guy in the financial crisis. Maybe it was Villepin's lawyers, or Villepin himself--a sort of Hail Mary pass, suggesting to Sarko that he could score a coup de théâtre by calling off the prosecutorial dogs and inviting Napoleon's ghost back into government to confront the invading Anglo-Saxon assets at Waterloo.

Ain't gonna happen. So much for Napoleon Redux at Waterloo II. Now Napoleon le Petit bis is left to face Madame Merkel at the remake of Sedan.

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