Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"We are not amused!"

"We are not amused," Queen Victoria used to say. Another Brit, Charles Bremner, the Times of London correspondent in Paris, scans the celeb layout of Nick and Carla at the Carlyle Hotel in New York and reacts in similarly censorious fashion:

Having luxurious fun in New York, the source of the financial mayhem that has hit Europe, is surely not a great idea. It hardly matches the censorious terms with which Sarko damned Wall Street greed in a speech in Toulon two days after his return from New York. It is especially surprising since the president ordered his ministers last month to stop appearing in glamour shots in the celebrity press. "In times like these, I don't want to see pictures of anyone at fancy events in dinner jackets (tuxedos) and long Dior dresses," he was reported to have told the cabinet.

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