Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Barons in the Trees

Luc Rosenzweig presents the defeat of Bertrand Delanoë as the work of three local barons of the PS--Collomb in Lyon, Guérini in Marseille, Frêche (excluded from the party) in Languedoc-Roussillon--who believe, dixit Rosenzweig, that their interest lies in ensuring that the Socialists do not elect a president in 2012. A theory sure to please cynics of all stripes.

Laurent Bouvet more plausibly ascribes Delanoë's failure to his own errors rather than to the machinations of others, however.


Tom Holzman said...

Interesting theory. While it has a certain internal logic, that logic strikes me as a bit removed from reality. If I understand correctly, the defeat of the PS candidate in 2012 allows these local warlords to avoid the Parisian encroachment on their fiefdoms that a PS victory would impose. Of course, a PS victory would also bring these local caciques lots of goodies which would probably be worth the price. While cutting off your nose to spite your face was an old PC electoral tactic (the revolution will come sooner if the fascists get into power), I doubt it is at work here. The only independent virtue I can see in the loss is that it might cause or hasten the extinction of the PS's dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

On top of all the political explanations of Delanoë's behaviour, which all carry their piece of truth, I think two major flaws in his character played a decisive role in his downfall from favorite to main looser.

1 - a deficience in will power, in fighting spirit, an incapacity to do whatever has to be done to become number one, to grab the power when it is within reach. A famous victim of the same syndrome has been Delors.

2 - an incapacity to bounce back and fight after a political setback because of an oversized ego and misplaced pride. It is the syndrome : "you do not deserve me", very apparent in Reims and already displayed by his master Jospin in 2002.

I hope Delanoë will never achieve greater responsabilities than Paris-plage and Velib..