Thursday, November 13, 2008

Copé Counterpunches

Jean-François Copé is a restless politician who never misses an opportunity to differentiate himself from his party's leader. Most recently, he went out of his way to voice his disagreement with the president's son on the issue of allowing immigrants to vote in local elections. On this point the father agrees with the son "intellectually" but acknowledges that his party is not behind him. It's interesting to watch Copé attempt to follow the path that Sarkozy himself took to power: appealing to his own party's right wing with not-so-discreet reminders that he's sensitive to its darkest fears.


Alain Q. said...

Copé is only 44...he is already positioning himself with 2017 on mind..

bernard said...

I once wrote an article titled "la quarantaine hurlante et la cinquantaine rugissante". If memory serves me, Seguin and Madelin featured among others...

Anonymous said...

I see it more as an opportunity to attack Sarkozy via a swing at Sarkozy fils. I don't know the stats, but I think that among UMP militants there is widespread opposition to the immigré vote at local level. Ie, a more mainstream UMP position and not just among its right-wing, Pasquesque ranks.

imo, Copé would do us all a service if he ends up supplanting and eventually dashing Jean Sarkozy's hopes of being a serious politician, and thus a serious contender for higher positions.

Hereditary psychodramas be they of a Shakesperian or an Oedipian order have been known to be very destructive to republics. Exhibit A: the US under Bush(es).

For what its worth, too, if ever there was a "tête à claquer", it'd be Copé. He's so annoying when he talks - even when I agree with him (which is often) - he's annoying!!

Chris P.