Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dati Photo Doctored

This is incredible. The excuse that "deadline pressures" resulted in the doctoring of the photo is even more so. Surely it takes less time to leave a picture alone than to tamper with it. Now "the rock" will be the talk of the town. 15,600 euros. Financial collapse. Vulgarity or political tone-deafness? Shocking in any case.


Boz said...

It's always utter out-of-touch(ness). Same as the execs of the Big Three who flew on private jets to Capitol Hill. The juxtaposition never crosses their minds.

Anonymous said...

Why is this a problem, and why would we care? She has a ring with a precious stone in her hand. So What, and why is this "incredible"?

The comment of the Figaro is convincing: "we didn't want the ring to be the object of the fight when the real question is actually the petition of the Magistrats. Rachida Dati had nothing to do with it" [their decision, I presume].

Too much noise. What is the message?

Unknown said...

Surely you jest. A newspaper has a photo showing a minister wearing an expensive and ostentatious ring. It alters that photo to show her wearing a less conspicuous ring. This is falsification of reality. Without imputing motives to the editors, we can still be scandalized. When we speculate about what the motives might have been, we are more scandalized still. If you don't want the ring to be the story, then you publish the picture as is, in all its authentic gaudiness. Otherwise you risk being found out and making it the story. As is the case.

David in Setouchi said...

"Vulgarity or political tone-deafness?"

Seeing who we're talking about here, I'd say both.

Unknown said...

This is quite symptomatic of some of the weaknesses of the French press and is not an isolated fact. Recently for instance, we had a fun photograph of Sarkozy having three legs - Lourdes anyone, or is it Genentech ? - walking with his wife and the Pope (Paris-Match). The "editor" had wiped out a bodyguard for effect, forgetting a leg and I could not help but be reminded of soviet photos in the 20s and 30s where various people vanished. Thankfully that does not happen in France, but the fundamental disregard of the press for actual facts is there.

As for R. Dati, a prediction: she will be subjected to multiple metaphorical paper cuts up to and until she decides to resign to better care about her coming child. Incidentally, she has yet again changed her chief of staff, following his resignation. Is it her third now in a year and a half, I stopped counting.

As for the "objet du délit", I think that you might have your timeline wrong in a way, Arthur. The original photograph dates back to last June, which is approximately when she became pregnant. I could think of a reason why she actually showed it (someone as yet unnamed such as possibly the father of her child) likely bought it for her and she wore it. The financial crisis only became daily news in France three months later. See, I can be fair and balanced on this one. I still hate the policies that she is complicit in implementing, though.

Anonymous said...

2 things are incredible:

- the doctored image on le figaro's front page without any mention of photoshoping. French medias and readers alike don't have much interest neither respect for photography and journalism. Look at what Le Monde and Paris Match can sell with unfit pictures, boring or incorrect captions, retooled photos, all this without anyone minding.

- l'Express (especially Barbier) presents the issue suggesting that Dati is in some way guilty of this doctoring, which is most obviously untrue or at the very least unproven. In fact, l'Express hardly defends the principle of not doctoring a picture, Barbier just find distateful that Dati is in some way "protected". That after a few months of permanent Dati-bashing by l'Express. Why the hate?

There shouldn't be any mention of Dati here.
The problem is with le Figaro and most french media and the way they handle pictures.

As to Dati, there's one thing French people hate more that rich people: les "nouveaux riches".

Anonymous said...

What's truly incredible is that this is the second time one of my comments is censored !
I find this more condamnable than the photo touchup.
Indeed, you mention that it constitues a falsification of reality... but what reality are you talking about ? A photograph is only a partial representation of reality, and according to angle, timing, frame, etc. the photographer "says" something which is his/her own view.
Virtually all published photos are touched-up, if only to remove dust and technical imperfections.
So where does one draw the line ?

Unknown said...

What are you talking about, Boris? I haven't censored any comments.

Tom Holzman said...

I wonder whether Le Figaro would extend the same courtesy to a left-wing politician wearing such a ring. Or would the paper content itself with some snide remark about the incongruity of Royal or Abry wearing that sort of a ring?

brent said...

As a sunny coda to this dreary story, Robert Solé proposes in today's Monde that the PS might want to shop the ring onto Bayrou's finger--or onto Besancenot's, though in the latter case I'm betting the comrades would try to shop a burka onto him in the hopes of an annulment.

Anonymous said...

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