Saturday, November 22, 2008

Down to 18

It seems that the Socialist federation in Moselle miscounted its votes: Aubry's margin is now down to 18.

And then there's this.


Unknown said...

Please note that as the number of votes separating both candidates is even, I am starting to have "hopes" that the difference could dwindle to 0 votes in the end, which would make the point resoundingly. This party cannot and will not be governed appropriately for the coming few years, and is now at serious risk of splitting: the happy face of Aubry at this terrible result says it all.

gregory brown said...

Bernard raises the prospect of an absolute tie. Is there any provision in the PS by-laws for such an eventuality? In my home state of Nevada, tie elections are resolved by (according to the state constitution) "a game of chance," which has been interpreted in the past to mean drawing a playing card from the deck.

I believe that in at least one state of the US a tie election is resolved, by law, by arm wrestling.