Saturday, November 15, 2008

Drezner on G20

Only fans of The Sopranos will understand the allusion in all its nuances, but Dan Drezner here compares George Bush to Uncle Junior and puts Nicolas Sarkozy in the role of Tony. Drezner doesn't mention that Junior eventually shoots Tony in the gut. But time is running out for W, whose abandonment of the reality-based community didn't await the onset of senility. He may want to shoot Sarko for his remark to Putin that "you don't want to end up like Bush," but the G20 isn't the place to whack a critic, and opportunities for revenge will probably remain slim through the Christmas season, right through to January 20.


Leo said...

I totally disagree with the Sarkozy characterization. He is Christopher, Tony's nephew: same looks, same impatience, same shooting from the hip, same taste for broads.

Unknown said...

Absolutely! Brilliant.