Monday, November 10, 2008

Du Concret

Here's an interesting development: the first coordinated naval operation in EU history, directed against Somalian pirates. The absurdity of unchecked piracy in these waters has at last elicited a genuine and concerted military response. The commander is British, and France, German, the UK, and Spain are participating.

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Anonymous said...

It is somewhat ironic that this operation is put under the command of a navy operating under government orders NOT to capture any pirates for fear of infringing their human rights.

According to British law, they cannot be tried in the UK if no British nationals have been concerned, they cannot be returned to Somalia and could claim political asylum in Britain, which would be quite an embarassment for everybody.

So this task force will concentrate on escort duties for ships with sensitive cargoes, but if a "neutral" ship is highjacked, the Royal Navy will look the other way.