Friday, November 7, 2008

Georgia Redux

For the va-t-en-guerre who never doubted that something other than resurgent Russian imperial ambitions might be behind the August flareup in the Caucasus, this makes sobering reading. It doesn't seem to have hit the front pages yet in France. Perhaps Le Monde is still relying on the eyewitness testimony of its crackerjack special correspondent, BHL. May the Times' diligent spade work encourage them to send real reporters next time.

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Unknown said...

I saw it in the NYT today. My experience is that Le Monde will often publish an NYT article translated and slightly altered (copyright is a problem) after 15 days. That way, the correspondent is safe, as the NYT usually checks its facts, and it's news in France.

The contents of the article are not that surprising, though. I have seen here and there several hints towards this. Certainly, the discourse of the Georgia President - at the time of writing - suggested a very naive and delusional person: who exactly did he imagine would jump to save him militarily and for what reason?