Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guardian Profiles Dati

The Guardian publishes a gossipy but interesting profile of embattled justice minister Rachida Dati. The money quote, however, comes not from Dati but from Fadela Amara:

Fadela Amara, another woman of Algerian parentage whom Sarkozy appointed as a junior minister, says an Obama would have got nowhere in France. "It couldn't happen in France unless Sarkozy turned emperor and appointed a black president himself," she says.

Hat tip to Vertigo.


Vertigo said...

Glad you found the quote interesting! Only Amara could say it that way :)

Anonymous said...

Well, until recently people would have said that a black or mixed-race person couldn't be elected US president. And then suddenly it was possible. Just as it will suddenly be possible for New York or Washington to have a Delanoë or Wowereit.