Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hue and Cry

Robert Hue has quit the Communist Party's National Council. The former leader of the party promises a new initiative of his own, outside a party that has become "unreformable." Not that the PCF is any longer a major force on the left, but is there any left-wing party that is not fraying at the moment? The Socialists are divided in two and have suffered resignations (Mélenchon, for one, whose new Parti de Gauche launches this weekend). The Greens are permanently fissiparous. And now the PCF.

The NPA might seem to be an exception, but the party is still in the organizing stage, and the tension between the postmodern media savvy evident in the crafting of the Besancenot image that is the party's only public face and the paleo-soviet earnestness of its decentralized rank-and-file has yet to be tested.

Meanwhile, Besancenot told L'Express that Mélenchon is headed in the right direction but that differences remain between his effort to rally a new left and the NPA's: "Our objective is not to remake the left but to build a different left." Clear?

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