Friday, November 7, 2008

Le Bordel

What is the lead? That la gazelle (but don't forget Collomb!) squeaked past le bulldozer du Nord and le tocard (as Panafieu called him) de Paris? Or that Hamon, the left-wing insurgent, came close to parity with the Big 3? Or that Mélenchon and Dolez, the even lefter left, quit the party in a huff (but gave no indication of throwing in their lot with Besancenot)? Or that the geographic distribution of the vote, with Royal blowing away the opposition in Bouches-du-Rhône and Collomb assuring her a comfortable majority in Lyon, could signal a shift in the party's priorities? Or that Hamon's condition for his support is "no alliance with MoDem," demonstrating real political flair: the PS must declare in advance to the centrist voters whose support it needs to win the presidency that it has no use for them and will not countenance their ideas? Or that, as Kirk points out in a comment to a previous message, nearly half the militants of the party, presumably its most enthusiastic supporters, didn't even bother to vote in the leadership contest?

Situation normal chez les Socialistes. I hope Michel Rocard doesn't have a stroke.


Anonymous said...

thought you'd enjoy this very interesting analysis of the "bordel" :)

FrédéricLN said...

I wouldn't put the blame on Socialists. They are just built-in integrist believers that the Confrontation of Ideas (la dialectique) should be the mother of any designation process, that the people are only the outcomes of ideologies. And they have no ideologies left, hardly any idea : out of vacuum, only vacuum can come.

(Oh, don't misunderstand me - SOME, even MANY socialists, DO have ideas, even ideologies. But they are not shared by any person with power. The latter one do inherit their status from a political agnostic, François Mitterrand - whose legacy does not include any reusable idea, vision, story or feeling).