Sunday, November 9, 2008

More on "Obama Effect" in Banlieues

From Charles Bremner:

In Sarcelles, a northern suburb, yesterday, I walked through a crowd of black children who were arguing which of them was "le plus Obama" -- the most like Obama.


Yazid Zabeg, an Algerian-born millionaire and the JDD Sunday newspaper have produced a "manifesto for real equality". Under the Obama slogan "Oui, nous pouvons" (Yes we can), the manifesto points to the "cruel contrast" between France's racially divided society and the lesson of inclusion that came from the United States. Bruni says in the JDD that she loves multi-ethnic France and that it is time to "help the elite to change".

If Obama's victory were to inspire some real community organizing in France and generate some bottom-up pressure for political change, that would be a very good thing indeed. Top-down pressure might also help.

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