Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nicolas Bling

They say that this is an Internet hit. Doesn't do much for me.


Polly-Vous Francais said...

Is it a cultural divide -- or a generational divide?

This "hit" doesn't do a thing for me either.

Anonymous said...

I think it might be a timing problem. The Sarko in the vid is a compilation of American clichés - part gangbanging rapper, part Soprano, part Bush, part Stallone des Guignols, etc.
But that's like so passé. Thanks to Obama, Americanité is in.
Plus, there's a total frickin' meltdown of the global financial system and people are looking to their governments, amongst whom there's Sarko, to solve the problem. Ie, "On a besoin de vous, Nicolas!"
But again, the vid's been getting a lot of hits. Maybe its due to the dearth of critiques thrown at Sarkozy. For as much as this is the land of revolution, I'm always so amazed at the deference of the media & journalists towards their friends, neighbors and ex-classmates who now rule the country.

Chris P.

Unknown said...

Polly, I'm that old, you're not!

Chris, You must not be reading Marianne or Bakchich.

Anonymous said...

Dag. My bad. I did miss that. I don't know bakchich, and its been a while since I bought JF Kahn's magazine. For what its worth, its hysterical, burlesque format is the mirror image of JF Kahn himself when he talks!
I generally exclude L'humanité, LCR's Rouge and other far left outfits from the realm of serious journalism. Le monde diplomatique, too, is always doom and gloom until such time as the "Grand Soir" will save us all from the mean global bourgeoisie - but it occasionaly has really good articles (!)
I may be faulted for projecting upon the French media scene preferences garnered from my experience of perusing American media. Which is to say that the net is more interesting, more journalistic in many way, then the staid institutions that often are behind the loop if not tepid in their criticisms.

Chris P.