Thursday, November 20, 2008

Porte de la Chapelle-Mairie d'Issy

Ségolène Royal likes the idea of selling PS HQ rue de Solférino and moving the party seat into un quartier plus populaire, provided it's on a line with direct access by Métro to the National Assembly. François Miclo studies the maps and decides it's got to be Ligne No 12, Porte de la Chapelle-Mairie d'Issy. If property values along the line spike suddenly today, we'll know that the fix is in and the voting for party leader has been rigged.


Leo said...

Miclo is brilliant.

The line has the following stations which would perfectly suit Ségolene:

Notre Dame de Lorette
Notre Dame des Champs

Of course, Marx Dormoy would fit Benoit Hamon.

Alas nothing for Martine Aubry.

Anonymous said...

Not to be nitpicky, but the line is usually referred to as Mairie d'Issy-Porte de la Chapelle.

Unknown said...

Such niceties fade quickly from the mind when one is not in Paris. I guess it's Nation-Etoile rather than Etoile-Nation, but I could be wrong. Of course when you're riding the Métro every day, these couplets are like the lines of a song, but it's easy to forget the words.

Unknown said...

While I support Royal, I think that she has made a grave mistake here. The only "quartier populaire" on that line is the 18th arrondissement, well known for being the stronghold of many of her best friends such as but not limited to Jospin and Delanoe. No question that she enjoys being a victim then.

Anonymous said...

Line 1 (Concorde) is pretty close and gives access to Bastille, which also has a direct bus connection with Assemblée. After all, they know they won't really take the subway so why should they care.

On line 12, they could make some joke to Delanoë and set in Issy, for instance at Corentin Celton. Problem is that it's seen as too corporate and bourgeois a town.

Note that before Solferino, before Mitterrand's election, the PS HQ was near the avenue Trudaine, 9e arrondissement, station Pigalle, line 12. Back to the source? I can figure Royal loving being a neighbor of "Le Sexodrome".

Unknown said...

Correction, I was wrong. The 18th used to be delanoeland. The thing is, if I heard correctly, 18th party members voted Royal vastly ahead in the election last night. Party headquarters can move to Montmartre then.