Friday, November 21, 2008

Pragmatist or Blunderbuss?

Judah Grunstein and Max Bergmann together try to make sense of Sarkozy's scrambling on the world stage.


Philippe said...

Both articles mention John Vinocur's column in the IHT. Alexandre Adler, a columnist for Le Figaro, went after Vinocur in his radio commentary on France Culture yesterday. He also makes some uncorroborated (and self-serving if you're French and believe that France's historic mission is to stand up to the U.S.) claims about American animosity towards Sarkozy.

The audio is available separately and lasts a few minutes (scroll down the page for audio link)

Anonymous said...

On France, Vinocur is about as reasonable as your common Cornerite, even if more coherent.

At least with Sarkozy the target happens to be well deserving.