Monday, November 10, 2008

Professional Blogging in France

Le Monde today describes the blogosphere as a "flourishing sector" and says that a number of French bloggers are doing well enough to "go pro," living on their ad revenues. Enviable colleagues! Perhaps readers will be reminded of the benefits that accrue from an occasional visit to one or more of our ever-changing cast of sponsors (conveniently arrayed in the right column).


Anonymous said...

It's possible, not easy, but possible.

But beyond just ad dollars a blog can provide its author with a reach only a select few would have enjoyed in the past.

That can be much more beneficial than 'click through rates' and other metrics.

Francofou said...

I get your blog via RSS and, as you know, no ads appear unless you click through to the full entry. Often, as with this entry, the entire idea is available without clicking through. So: make longer entries (with teasers)!!

MYOS said...

There's a newspaper that selects the best posts and pays the bloggers whose papers are selected.
It's entitled "Vendredi" and is actually pretty interesting since no one has time to read everything potentially interesting online.
Another example of the greater visibily afforded bloggers: the "leftblogs' are official guests with press cards in Reims where the PS have their big party err... convention.

Anonymous said...

"Qu'importe le flacon pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse"